Critical Reviews

Posted below are excerpts from honest reviews in exchange for ARCs. To read the reviews in their entirety, please visit the original sites! Thank you!


Cara Sutra, Best UK Sex Blog of 2012 on Back-Alley Slut

The prose is a comfortable balance of descriptive and erotic, just right in my opinion. As well as being able to clearly see the action and surroundings in your mind’s eye, this merely compliments the breathless, racy plot, rather than detract from it.

As I’ve mentioned, you don’t need to wait long for the girlish power play to start. Not only is the reader transported to the very depths of how depraved lesbian sex can get, one is also shown the drama and emotion running as undercurrents through a highly charged, power play setting.

-Cara Sutra

Hotly Ever After on Wolf Moon: Redd’s First Ride (Wolf Moon Quartet, #1)

This is the first story that I have read by Lula Lisbon. Not only was I excited to get this book to review from the author (I had it on my wish list, I’m a sucker for a great werewolf erotica), but when I started it, I couldn’t stop. My daughter needed help with her homework and I was loathe to tuck away my eReader and let the story be… I love how she not only developed a very original storyline, but it was developed with great writing in this genre. I cared about the plot, I cared about the characters, and I wanted more; which, of course, is an author’s job. Not just to entertain, but to make us pant and anticipate the next book!… Please, Lula, give us more of Redd and Xavier, I’m dying here!!!!!!


Sinclair Sexsmith, Cliterotica: Winter 2012 on Lambda Literary on Begging For a Spanking

…this single story ebook is dirty and promising. I’m looking forward to more of her work in the future.

Letters Around Midnight on Lesbian BDSM: A Sextreme Erotica Bundle

Ms Lisbon is one of the hottest talents in the erotica genre and these stories are an excellent example of her at her very best… In the first story we are held rapt amongst ‘split-second flashes of Polaroid humanity’ as the two characters engage in an act of public sex. So completely do you associate with the narrator of the story that the last four words come as quite a shock. This collection of stories is worth it for that line alone after the build up to an extremely gratifying conclusion. Very well written and excellently paced…. Definitely five stars, well formatted and easy to read and navigate on your e-reader.
-Carla Croft

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