Sankta Lucia Dagen / St. Lucia Day

Being a Swede, today is one of my favorite holidays. Traditionally, the girls in the household dress all in white and the eldest gets to be St. Lucia, with a crown of lights, bearing coffee and buns to the parents. It’s a whole big thing. A few years back I fulfilled my lifelong dream of playing St. Lucia in a public performance. This is like being homecoming queen basically and it’s awesome, everyone wants pictures with you and you are the star. Anyway, I thought you’d like to see some pictures I totally googled and don’t own at all. I’ll link when applicable, or if you own it, I’ll take it down if you like.


The Lucia song with Swedish lyrics, if you're of a musical bent.

The Lucia song with Swedish lyrics, if you’re of a musical bent.


Traditional St. Lucia performance in a Swedish church.

Very traditional Swedish "Christmas Greetings"

Very traditional Swedish “Christmas Greetings”

Lucia and her attendants

Lucia and her attendants

Traditional lussekatter, saffron buns.

Traditional lussekatter, saffron buns.

Now for some more sobering photos. Here’s some history.


The martyrdom of St. Lucia. Apparently the artist is unknown, but it looks early Renaissance to me.

The martyrdom of St. Lucia.

The martyrdom of St. Lucia.


This is pretty metal. Not Swedish at all, but I liked the image. After her mother was healed on a pilgrimage, Lucia was inspired to give money to the poor. Her fiance was outraged and turned her in for being a Christian. She cut out her eyes and sent them to him.


This has nothing to do with St. Lucia but came up in the image search. Apparently she is a character on “Spartacus: War of the Damned” which I haven’t seen but now feel a burning urge to hunt down post haste. There is just something about female warriors that drives me wild.

Hope you enjoyed my interesting visual foray through the story of Sankta Lucia.


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