Sankta Lucia Dagen / St. Lucia Day

Being a Swede, today is one of my favorite holidays. Traditionally, the girls in the household dress all in white and the eldest gets to be St. Lucia, with a crown of lights, bearing coffee and buns to the parents. It’s a whole big thing. A few years back I fulfilled my lifelong dream of playing St. Lucia in a public performance. This is like being homecoming queen basically and it’s awesome, everyone wants pictures with you and you are the star. Anyway, I thought you’d like to see some pictures I totally googled and don’t own at all. I’ll link when applicable, or if you own it, I’ll take it down if you like.


The Lucia song with Swedish lyrics, if you're of a musical bent.

The Lucia song with Swedish lyrics, if you’re of a musical bent.


Traditional St. Lucia performance in a Swedish church.

Very traditional Swedish "Christmas Greetings"

Very traditional Swedish “Christmas Greetings”

Lucia and her attendants

Lucia and her attendants

Traditional lussekatter, saffron buns.

Traditional lussekatter, saffron buns.

Now for some more sobering photos. Here’s some history.


The martyrdom of St. Lucia. Apparently the artist is unknown, but it looks early Renaissance to me.

The martyrdom of St. Lucia.

The martyrdom of St. Lucia.


This is pretty metal. Not Swedish at all, but I liked the image. After her mother was healed on a pilgrimage, Lucia was inspired to give money to the poor. Her fiance was outraged and turned her in for being a Christian. She cut out her eyes and sent them to him.


This has nothing to do with St. Lucia but came up in the image search. Apparently she is a character on “Spartacus: War of the Damned” which I haven’t seen but now feel a burning urge to hunt down post haste. There is just something about female warriors that drives me wild.

Hope you enjoyed my interesting visual foray through the story of Sankta Lucia.


Under the Covers with Lula Lisbon

So the lovely Ms. Carla Croft reviewed my popular Lesbian BDSM bundle a while ago, and she has graciously invited me back for an interview. Please go do check it out!

And speaking of covers, here is a cover reveal for what I’m finishing up in the next few days… Cinderella: A BDSM Retelling.

Cinderella is in the House of Mistresses Arabelle and Druscilla Ravyn, ostensibly as an apprentice to train as a Domme. The Ravyn twins, however, have little interest in letting their hardworking apprentice gain much knowledge, as she is far more useful as their house slave.

When the famous rock star, Kink-Bottom Prince, announces that he’s looking for a new live-in Mistress, the whole city is ecstatic. All the Mistresses of the best Houses have been invited to his exclusive play party, and all are hoping to catch his eye and win his service. After a particularly cruel beating for perceived pertness, Cinderella is distraught and hopeless that she will ever become a Domme herself.

But the sudden appearance of her very own magical Fairy Kink Mother is about to change all that, and she has just the vision to help Cinderella win the heart and collar of Kink-Bottom Prince himself!


I’m getting the feeling people are enjoying my random photos and stuff so I’m probably going to be doing more of that. And I’m super excited about this so I’m going to share. A few months ago I got the Red Carpet Manicure Pro Gel Nail Kit, and I’m absolutely in love with it. Although I’m femme-identified, I don’t have the damn patience to be spending hours and hours a week on my appearance. If I can keep things fairly low maintenance, I’m a happy girl.

Over the summer I was seeing this woman and I was pretty upset when we broke up. What can I do to cheer myself up, I wondered. Believe it or not, I’d never had a pro mani/pedi before, but I don’t believe in paying all that money for something that might last a week, tops. I’d heard of gel nails and had been dying to try that, so I got it and was instantly a convert. I buckled down and bought a home kit, which is just as awesome as the salon version. In two manicures it’s already paid for itself as compared to salon visits… and I do my toes too, which they don’t do in the salon.

Let me just mention I’m not getting paid to talk about this kit, I just absolutely love it! This is the third mani/pedi I’ve done with it, and the results last an average of three weeks and they stay gorgeous and fresh looking the whole time. Talk about low maintenance heaven. So I’ve got a date with a special lady this weekend, and I wanted to try something cool and special, and a bit festive. I decided on an ombre fade effect in RCM Glitz and Glamourous, which is that gorgeous ruby color, topped by a thin coat of RCM Dressed For Success, which is a special effect glitter which looks different depending on what you put it on top of. Isn’t it gorgeous? Took me almost 3 hours to do this, but the results are worth it, and best of all, it’ll look this great for weeks. I’m in love. It was hard to get the photos well lit, but this is in natural sunlight. Doing my toes later today.

photo(26) photo(27)