Hot Stuff, Comin’ Through!

First of all, Happy LGBT History Month! I just love the Outfest activities that happen all over Philly in October. It’s a time to partake of pumpkin-flavored everything, and to thank your lucky stars and Fairy Gaymother that the closet is slowly, but surely, shrinking! It’s also a time to think back on those who sacrificed everything — up to, and including their lives — for what we have today. There’s still a long way to go, but hell, we’re not at Stonewall anymore and that’s a huge fucking plus. /soapbox 😉

So! We’ve got some exciting stuff happening over here in Lula Land! Where to start? Well, this past week I recorded an interview with the gorgeous and brilliant Dr. Timaree for her podcast which will be going up live soon. You’ll hear me answer questions, and read some excerpts from three of my stories! Is this perhaps a hint that audiobooks, as read by the author, may be soon forthcumming forthcoming? Well, take a wild guess, baby. 😉

I’ve been gearing up for NaNoWriMo, drawing up an outline for my first full-length novel! November’s going to be crazy, I can tell, but a good kind of crazy like when you mix caffeine and vodka and dance your ass off at the gay club, not the bad kind like “I’m hungry let’s get all stabby-stab on ol’ great-gramma for pizza money.” (I wish I were making that up.) Anyhoozles… it will be an epic time travel lesbian romance, set in modern and post-Revolutionary Philadelphia, and inspired by a personal brush I had with a ghost of sorts in this amazingly historic city. There will be hot sex, but also lots of intrigue and an amazing, thriller plot with some great twists! You’ll cum come cum for the lesbians and stay for the plot, I promise. So… I’m thinking about keeping a running log of it up on Smashwords so that my readers can check it out, nearly real-time, as I race towards 50,000 words next month! Not sure yet though, what do you think?

Doubled: An Erotic Science Fiction Novelette is now off exclusivity at Amazon, and is available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and other retailers! Go get ‘er, tiger!

And finally, I’ve published a new short story! I have to say, this might just be the kinkiest, most risque story I’ve done to date, and that’s really saying something. It’s a new series I’m doing called Forbidden Firsts; whether it will follow the same characters or not is something I’m still mulling over. Check out the cover, blurb, and an excerpt below. It’s live at Smashwords right now, and will be is now live at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Amazon, and other sites in the next few days. Those other sites take a while to go live, while Smashwords is instantaneous, so that’s why — in case you’re curious.


Judy’s an old friend of Colette’s family, and has a graduation surprise for her step-niece… her first lesbian threesome! What will Colette do when faced with Judy and her girlfriend, Moira– two older, experienced dominant lesbians? The former Catholic schoolgirl had better submit to their devious scheme, or face the consequences… all while her adopted older sister secretly watches! Adults only!


“Well,” Judy said slyly, “I’d like to know a few things. Now, answer me truthfully: have you ever been with a man?”

Colette’s jaw dropped; she was taken aback by her step-aunt’s suddenly blunt question. Colette had made out with a few boys here and there, but having just graduated from a strict all-girls’ Catholic high school, she just hadn’t had much opportunity to meet many. With other girls, though… that was another story. She was too shy to let her aunt know everything about what she’d done with them, even though she knew Judy was a lesbian.

“Um… what?”

“You heard me. Have you ever been with a man?” Judy’s tone deflated any further attempts at deflection.

“N— no, Aunt Judy, unless you mean some kissing and light petting. But I’ve never touched a boy’s— well, you know.”

Judy made a noise of approval, a smile playing on her rose-painted lips. “So you’re a virgin, then?”

Colette blushed. She knew her aunt was something of a black sheep, so she’d always felt comfortable telling Judy her most intimate secrets — but for some reason it was different now. She felt a little strange, but tried to ignore the burgeoning little flutter inside her panties.

“Y— yes, Aunt Judy.” She felt her face grow hotter as the two older women held her in their stern gazes; she felt like a small rabbit, cornered by two big cats.

“And have you been with other girls your age? Or maybe even women… a little older?” Moira asked, her low, smoky voice redolent of cigarettes and brandy. She toyed with a heavy gold chain at her neck, her dark eyes never leaving the younger girl’s face. Colette dropped her gaze to the floor. If Aunt Judy had been alone, she wouldn’t feel quite so uncomfortable disclosing everything she’d done in the dormitories at school, but Moira was nearly a stranger to her, and Colette felt uncharacteristically reticent. The silence dragged on, color staining Colette’s cheeks a darker and darker pink as the moments ticked by.

“Well? Answer Moira, my dear!” Judy snapped, her voice ringing with a more commanding tone than Colette had ever heard her favorite aunt use.

“I— well, yes, Aunt Judy, I’ve been with a few other girls,” she admitted reluctantly. “Mostly in the dorms in senior year, after lights out, but sometimes in other places too. We were horny, just turned eighteen, and there weren’t any boys around at our school. I mean, what else were we supposed to do? I had a lot of fun this past year. One time, I even snuck out to go to an amateur night at a strip club! I’m pretty proud to say that I won second place, $250!”

Judy raised an eyebrow. “That must have been some performance. Does your mother know about any of this?”

Colette looked horrified. “God, no! I think she’d disown me! You know how she feels about that kind of stuff!” Judy only smiled in response.

“I think I speak for both Judy and myself in that I’m very curious to see the sort of routine you did to win that money, my dear,” Moira said deviously, eyes slitted. Colette’s heart pounded, and her stomach dropped. She knew she was dripping wet, confessing all this, but stripping for her aunt and her aunt’s friend? That was going too far!

“I— I couldn’t possibly!” She stammered, flustered. Moira’s amused smile grew cold.

“I think you can, and will, if you don’t want your mother to find out what a little whore you’ve been! And right under all the nuns’ noses, no less.”

Read more here!

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