Wholesome Addiction Thinks I’m Hot… and the Feeling is Mutual!

So here’s a pretty awesome and inspiring counterargument to those who assert that Twitter is just an echochamber with no useful returns for authors.

I check Twitter a couple times a week or so, and the other day I noticed I’d been tagged by Wholesome Addiction, a podcast about sex, porn, and erotica which I hadn’t heard of before. I was a little flabbergasted, because they hadn’t contacted me that they’d be talking about my story, Wolf Moon: Redd’s First Ride, and I had no idea this was happening. Apparently, they’d just found me on Twitter and thought my work looked interesting. They bought some of it on Smashwords, and that was that — lust at first read! Hey, I aim to please, and I’ve never been accused of being an underachiever by any means.

Anyway, I took a listen to the episode and I was really humbled and flattered. They had a lot of great things to say, and from their feedback I really feel that I accomplished what I set out to do when I wrote it — to create an interesting alternate universe filled with hot sex, intrigue, and a plot that leaves you wanting more. Redd’s First Ride is part one in a four-part serial, with the other three parts arriving later this year. Once all is said and done, it will total 40-50,000 words and will be released as a set.

Here’s the segment: Wholesome Addiction Cast 28 Clip: Lula Lisbon

I’ve got to say, these guys are funny, interesting, and love sex as much as I do! Well, almost — I’m pretty insatiable, just ask one of my ladyfriends! 😉 I want to thank them effusively for finding and featuring me. I’m really honored that they chose to do this segment on my writing. I look forward to future collaborations — which might just be in the works as we speak…

Click here to download the full episode.

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