Why Amazon Has Lost My Links

I’m sick of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. There, I said it.

It’s not because I don’t make money there. I do. But they have this absolutely awful return policy which, in my mind, is so easily exploitable that I’ve changed all my website links to point to my titles at Kobo instead. The only exception to this is my title, Doubled, which is currently in the KDP Select program through September.

Now I get the whole “customer is always right” deal, I do. But people will buy titles and return them, and there is no feedback. Is there a problem with my formatting? Did they just not like it? Are they pirating my work, then returning to get their money back? I get zero feedback about returns, and so if there is a physical problem, I can’t know if I need to fix it! I want my customers to be happy (in fact, more than happy, if you catch my drift), but how am I supposed to fulfill that if I don’t know what the problem is? Or even if there’s a problem on my end at all?

Amazon obviously doesn’t give a crap about indie publishers, even though there are hundreds of us at the tops of the rating charts. We are making them no small amount of money, but the little guys apparently don’t matter. They seriously need to revise their return policy to something beneficial to both customers and content providers.

Until then, I’ll be happily selling way more at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, iTunes, Rainbow eBooks, and other distributors.


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