FREE on Amazon: DOUBLED, An Erotic Scifi Novelette! July 11-15


UPDATE: 7/12/12: DOUBLED is in the top 100 in Kindle Erotica and top 1000 in free downloads… in less than 24 hours!! I literally just cried. Can we make it top 50? Top 20? Dare I say, top 10? I’m utterly confident!

I’m very pleased to announce that from Wednesday, July 11 through Sunday the 15, I’ll be offering DOUBLED for FREE on Amazon! This smoking-hot erotica novelette won’t cool you off this summer, but I think you’ll love it just the same!

Dr. Rachelle is a beautiful ex-model now working on top-secret government technology. After observing cloned lab animals recognize each other, a crazy idea strikes her: if she were the first to clone a human, she’d go down in the history books! Visions of money and power dance in her head, but she can’t deny that in the back of her mind, she’s always secretly wanted to be with another woman. What will happen when she first sees her clone and finds that she is far more dominant than the original? And will Rachelle’s boyfriend, Paul, enjoy this intriguing turn of events just as much?

This 12,183-word erotic novelette is intended for adults only. It contains first-time lesbian sex, fisting, squirting, oral sex, anal, cock-sucking, bisexuality, BDSM, bondage, threesome sex, menage, and more! Not for the closed-minded!

Read a steamy excerpt here!

From the author:

I’d had the plot for this novelette in mind for quite some time, actually. I keep a running file of ideas which I add to as inspiration strikes, as it usually does at random moments such as in the shower, or half-asleep in bed. I thought: how sexy would it be if this gorgeous, intelligent woman had the ability and drive to make a fully formed clone of herself, and the wild possibilities that would open up? Now, I know current technology doesn’t work this way, but hey, it’s science fiction.

So we have beautiful Dr. Rachelle, a workaholic who barely has time for her boyfriend, let alone exploring her curiosity regarding her sexual feelings for women. But here comes this fantastic opportunity to take a plunge into the unknown, possibly paving the way to untold fame and riches due to her discovery.

I don’t think that money is the first thing on her mind when she sees the gorgeous naked woman step out of the cloning machine, though. Her clone, Lily, also seems to have other things on her mind, and unlike shy Rachelle, isn’t afraid to take what she wants!

As for Paul, Rachelle’s boyfriend — well, what guy wouldn’t love to be greeted with two beautiful women without the slightest possibility of jealousy?

I’m very excited about my debut into Amazon’s Select program with the release of my first novelette, Doubled. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

By the way, the cover art was done by the amazing Ms. Zara Black, a fellow erotica author and friend. Her rates are very reasonable, and you can check out her other design work here.

❤ LL

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